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Victor Hardy’s Thoughts On Media In A Post Covid-19 World

In the midst of the pandemic situation, it can be hard to keep on a straight mind and look into the crystal ball and see what the future holds. This is especially hard when we are concerned about deaths, unemployment checks, and how our leadership is reacting to the crisis. Toss in a few fears on conspiracy theories and it’s surprising to see that anybody is truly thinking clearly anymore. But some obviously are. keeping a clear head amongst all the craziness.

Victor Hardy, a lawyer who has had all kinds of experience with the emergence of the media and technology landscape.

“The experience points towards a more digitized world,” Victory Hardy says. And it makes sense as working from home has seen a great uptick since the beginning of the pandemic for most corporate employees. “For me, I have been in a work-from-home like set up for the past few years, but I expect that to shift into another, even higher gear.” Victor Hardy continues.

When asked about how he sees the media landscape changing, Victory Hardy has even more lucid insights. “We are already seeing productions being stalled and new line items coming through the new contracts so it will definitely be interesting what the future holds for us legally speaking.” Victor Hardy continues. “You’ll see new line items like ‘we do not take responsibility for anything that might occur as a result of a COVID-19 infection.” Victory Hardy says. “This is incredibly important to note as movie and studio sets are not generated in a vacuum and typically have large amounts of density within the production hubs.”

While the important thing right now is to get out of the current situation we are in with as little harm as possible, the economical detriment is easy to predict as a result of the millions currently on unemployment. “This should probably even point to a bigger clue towards the digitization of the economy. Those individuals can’t stay on Uncle Sam’s bill forever and you will start to see more job creators looking to and developing digital tools to get people working in,” Victor Hardy chimes in. “It’s only a matter of time before you see the exponential curve of digital really taking off that will affect all walks of life in this country.”

In terms of the legal situation regarding this new digital age, Victory Hardy is quite interested to see what will happen when the rubber hits the road and the legal battles start to pop up. “My firm is quite prepared, but I am expecting a heavy caseload once things are set up and get up and running.” Victory Hardy mentions. “It will be very interesting to see what happens next in the brave new world.”

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