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Victor Hardy Discusses Internet Streaming Law: Is Streaming Movies To Friends Through Zoom and Discord Illegal?

Is Streaming Movies To Friends Through Zoom and Discord Illegal? Victor Hardy Discusses Internet Streaming Law AUSTIN, TX, USA The COVID-19 lock-down means more people than ever are stuck inside and that means the TV is on, says Victor Hardy, IP attorney and specialist in internet search and streaming. Watching movies with friends via zoom or […]

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Victor Hardy Takes Miniature Painting to New Heights with His Award-Winning Art

Attorney Victor Hardy has been passionate about painting miniatures since his days in law school; credits popular Warhammer game with inspiration. AUSTIN, TX / April 14, 2020 / Award-winning fine art may not be the first thing you think of when you picture your average legal professional, but Texas attorney Victor Hardy may be the one that changes your mind. Hardy […]

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Victor Hardy shares favorite quotes from famous philosophers

Award-winning artist Victor Hardy shares his favorite quotes from philosophers, including Socrates, Descartes, Friedrich, Kant, and more.   From Socrates and Descartes to Friedrich Nietzsche and Immanuel Kant, Victor Hardy, an award-winning artist from Austin, Texas, shares a number of his favorite quotes from some of the world’s most famous philosophers.   “‘The unexamined life […]

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Victor Hardy Basks in Continued Recognition for Miniature Artwork Skills

Renowned artist Victor Hardy continues to bask in recognition of his now-famous skills in the art of miniature painting Stemming from a decades-long interest in the popular wargame Warhammer 40k, artist Victor Hardy is today responsible for some of the internet’s most famous and revered pieces of miniature painting. Holding the title for the highest-ranked miniature ever […]