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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Attorney Victor Hardy Wows with Remarkable String of Legal Victories

A Harvard Law School graduate, attorney Victor Hardy is a veteran of the world of high-stakes patent infringement litigation and PTO proceedings with decades of experience as a highly acclaimed lawyer. From patent negotiation to strategic enforcement of IP assets, a number of Hardy’s most impressive legal victories has recently been revealed following an exceptionally successful career […]

Victor Hardy Highlights Comments from Fans of His Miniature Artwork

Attorney and award-winning artist Victor Hardy shares a number of comments from fans of his miniature painting masterpieces. A seasoned attorney specializing in patent infringement litigation and investment, due diligence, and intellectual property law, in his spare time, Texas legal professional Victor Hardy is also a celebrated artist. Famed for his miniature painting masterpieces, award-winner […]

Victor Hardy

Victor Hardy Shares Interest in Philosophy

Award-winning artist and attorney Victor Hardy shares his passion for the millennia-old field of study stemming from an ancient Greek love of wisdom. The study of fundamental questions surrounding knowledge, existence, reason, values, language, and the mind, philosophy stems from the Greek word philosophia, meaning a love of wisdom. A successful attorney and renowned artist, […]